About Us

Music Relief Foundation has come a long way since its conception in 2011, back then it was primarily targeting teen parents to meet and talk with them sharing experiences. Following the personal experience of our CEO and Founder Magdalene Adenaike, who was once a teenage parent herself and faced diverse hardships and traumatic experiences. However, it became increasingly apparent that more young people needed our services and we needed to be more proficient in the services we were providing. By so doing we could increase the number of youths we were helping and the breadth of ways in which we were doing it.

It became a registered Company Limited by Guarantee — Registered Number 09408878 in January 2015 with Board of Directors appointed to run the organization.
Music Relief Foundation is embedded in and has developed out of the transformational power of music, stemming from Magdalene’s experience and a response based on the realization that music goes beyond only the listening pleasure, coupled with the feedback offered by our clienteles. The main focus of our work is to transform lives creatively and consistently, thereby unleashing the creative spirits within the young person to promote a balanced well-being.

Press releases

Croydon youths hosts event for police

Local youths from [Croydon] held an [event] for Music Relief Foundation [Music Relief Foundation], from... read more

25.07.2017 • By Music Relief Foundation